Melt Van Der Spuy
Sr. Pastor

Melt Van Der Spuy is our lead Pastor. Melt and Anida are from South Africa and have been resident with us since November 2018, when they accepted the call to YKVC.

Bright Lubansa
Leadership Team

Bright Lubansa is of Zambian origin but a Canadian of many years’ residence. Bright brings a strong business acumen to the board and the Pastoral Leadership Team.

Ben & Theresa Baird
Leadership Team - Missions

Ben and Theresa Baird head up Missions for YKVC. Both of them have served on the mission field with OM on the Logos Hope. Ben is also our Media man. Theresa leads worship in the church and is a classically trained soprano.

Norma Giovanetto
Leadership Team

Norma Giovanetto is the Prayer Coordinator and Communications person on the Pastoral Leadership Team. Norma is a founding member of YKVC.

Tim Walterhouse
Church Treasurer

Tim Walterhouse, a pilot by profession – is the church Treasurer, Board Member and serves on the Pastoral Leadership Team. Tim is married to Breanne and they have a young family of three little girls. Tim is also a joint coordinator of the Worship team.

Jessica Pacunayen
Leadership Team

Jessica Pacunayen is the Youth and Young Adults Representative on PLT.  Jess has also become our weekly Newsreader at Sunday services. She has a heart for Social Justice and trains in the gentle art of Brazilian Jujitsu.