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Melt continues the sermon series: A Journey of Grace 

This Sunday’s sermon title is: Death, Lifeboat and Covenant

Scripture: Genesis 15

Our Media Team is having a sign up and information evening at the church on Friday September 30th @ 6pm.

If you are interested in helping wtih the audio/visual aspects of our meetings please join us and find out more. We would appreciate the help!

The Worship Team will be having a Jam Session / Meet & Greet Night on Friday October 7th @ 7pm at the church. 

All are welcome to come and jam with us! Come and meet your fellow musicians and worship together. Light refreshments will be provided.

How To Read the Bible Properly - Thursday October 13 @7:00pm at the church.

 I’ve been hinting at running a three or four week evening course on how to read Scripture and get the most from it for some time. Busyness in other areas has prevented me from doing it to date. The evening course on biblical interpretation will run for three or maybe four weeks. It will be a basic introduction on how to interpret Scripture through the eyes of Jesus. 

If you’ve always felt that, outside of personal devotion and revelation, you really don’t know what to do with the Scriptures, then this course is for you.  It will equip you with the basics of how to begin to approach various current cultural discussions from a Scriptural foundation and how to navigate things like LBGTQ2+ . We will try to offer this course by recording the sessions at least on podcast, so that there will be a resource to go to when required.


Men's Group this Thursday 22nd September @7:00pm at the church.

Samaritans Purse -  Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts - Don't forget to fill your boxes!

Thank you! to all who have taken a shoebox home to fill!   Please bring them back to the church once filled.

Collection of the boxes start on Monday 14th November and the packing party is on Sunday 20th November if anyone would like to help us.

The Operation Christmas Child has a very informative website for anyone who is looking for more information on what to fill their shoeboxes with, and other resources and tips: -

Please email or chat to Chyrisse (or Melt) at church on Sunday and we will organise for more boxes or help with any questions.

Grace and peace!