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Bright will be preaching on Sunday and his sermon is a continuation of the Worship series and is titled "Woship through the ages".

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:5-15

We will be celebrating communion on Sunday and ask our online members to have their elements ready.

Dinner will be at Northern United Place on Saturday 16 December - 5:00pm

  • There is limited seating so please let us know how many in your family are coming - email
  • Bring a meal big enough to feed your family but to share potluck style.
  • If you want to bring dessert please do so, in addition to your meal to share.
  • The church will provide salad, buns, drinks and a little more. Please don't bring those items.
  • Drop the food off at 4:30pm and dinner will start at 5:00pm

Kin Culture in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate and the need for help with the foster famalies and foster children has, and continues to grow. Rescuing young children off the streets and placing them in loving Christian homes is a mission close to our hearts.  Find out more about them and their work, and how we can help here:

ADVENT - Starts on Sunday December 3rd.   We will be doing a sermon series on the lineage of Jesus.  If you would like a copy of the pdf book we have available for the series, please let Jabin know, or email

Grace and peace.