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YKVC 2022 AGM Blurb

Dear Yellowknife Vineyardites,

We invite you to join us, directly after the Worship Service on Sunday 15 May, for our annual congregational AGM. The AGM is a public meeting in which we, the leaders of YKVC, share with all who are part of our family, the year 2021 in hindsight, by department. We also present to you the approved budget for 2022, so that you can see what happens with the gifts, tithes, and offerings that you give to the work of the Kingdom in this place. Our goal with the AGM is to foster transparency and trust within our congregation. As we do this  together, we pray God’s Kingdom come.

Please join us as we celebrate God’s continued faithfulness to us and lean forward into what he has in store for us during this year. Since we aim to get the meeting underway by 12h00, you might want to consider bringing a snack or drink along, for your children at least. We will create a supervised space for the kids during the meeting.

Ordinarily we would likely share a potluck lunch at a time like this. Given the high incidence of flu and COVID at this time, we want to be sensitive and responsible around sharing communal food at this point.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Grace & peace