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This Sunday Melt will be concluding the series “Songs of the Servant”, based on the OT book of Isaiah, with a message called “A City and People no longer deserted.”

We’d love for you to join us in person, if at all possible! We have need for a consistent start time, especially with streaming online, so starting this week countdown will begin at 9:55am, and the service will begin at 10:00am sharp!

Please be sure to register early in the week to reserve your seats.

PLEASE NOTE: Masks are now MANDATORY in all public spaces, so please come prepared. Live stream is available on Facebook and YouTube at 10am.    

This Sunday we will be celebrating Communion together. Please prepare your heart and if joining online, remember to prepare your bread and juice in advance.  

Due to current increased Covid restrictions, Kingdom Kids has been CANCELLED until further notice.  

WEEKLY PRAYER…This week, THURSDAY, May 6th, will be at the Church at 7pm. All church activities now require a mask, so bring your mask, we’ll social distance, and we’ll continue to pray!

Continue to keep Melt and Anida in your prayers as they await their passports returned to them by courier in the next week, and prepare to return to Canada ASAP.