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Sunday 28th May is Pentecost Sunday.  Melt will be preaching a sermon titled "The coming of The Holy Spirit".  Worship with Rob Raw.

Reading: 1 Samuel: 1-7

We will be celebrating communion on Sunday and ask our online members to have their elements ready.

Last weeks' sermon - May 21 - can be heard by clicking the "Listen Now" button below.

Friday 26 May: Audio Visual and Worship Team are all invited to a meet and greet with Rob Raw at 18h00 at Church. Pizza will be provided, as well as kids care – we will run a movie for the kids and provide popcorn.  If you are part of the AV or Worship teams, please join us.  We should be wrapped by 19h30 / 20h00 latest.

Saturday 27 May:  Worship workshop with Rob Raw starting at 09h00 and wrapping by 14h30.  Lunch and kids care will be provided.  If you are unable to attend the whole workshop and are part of the AV or Worship Team, or would like to be, please consider attending one, or some sessions, at least.  For both Friday and Saturday please RSVP Siyath at

We are appealing to Audio Visual and Worship Team members to make every effort to attend these sessions, so that we can rebuild our teams post Covid, from the same foundation. Melt will be sending out correspondence by email apart from the V News to all Audio Visual and Worship Team members.

One last request for help with Spring Clean-Up - Tonight! Wednesday 24th May -  Meet at the 50/50 lot @5:30.  There's two alleys and two small blocks of road left to finish up. Hopefully we can get this done in an hour or so and call it a wrap on spring clean '23!


Saturday 27th May @ 8pm 50/50 lot.   Join members of the outreach team handing out drinks and snacks, and spending time being available to chat with those that come our way.

Room/apartment searching!  Would you be able to provide a room or an apartment - furnished or unfurnished - for a young newly licensed pilot who will be joining Summit Air on June 1st?   If you are able to help this young man find accommodation in Yellowknife, please contact or chat to Melt.

Grace and Peace!