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Melt continues his sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount. 

His sermon this Sunday is:  The Scum of the Earth - Part 1 – The Blessed Poor

Reading: Luke 6:20-26

Thank you to those that came out Sunday afternoon,  and last night. It's been great seeing the kids participate,  and the residents of this City agree. 

Our two sections need to be completed by the 22nd. We have completed Niven, and are halfway through our downtown section. The section assigned to us is likely the worst in the entire city (which means a bigger opportunity to love on this city and strike up conversations with folks). 

We need one last push to get this completed. If you haven't already done so,  take a gander down 49th to 51st St and get an idea of just how much needs to be done. You'll see that many hands are needed. 

As well as volunteers, we're looking to borrow outdoor push brooms, heavy duty dust pans and a gas powered leaf blower with a vacuum function. These things will help scoop up garbage, save backs, and the blower will make picking up sections of ground carpeted in cigarette butts, a breeze. 

Please meet at the 50/50 lot on Franklin Ave (across from  CIBC and Sutherland's) for noon Saturday and send Nicole an email to to know who to wait for or if you have these items to lend.

See you then folks!

Grace and peace!