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On Sunday Melt preaches from the sermon series Romans.  The sermon is titled: By faith, from beginning to end.

Reading: Romans 1:16 - 17

Last weeks' sermon - Sunday 30th April  - can be heard by clicking the "Listen Now" button below.

Thursday 4th May - Pastoral Leadership Team meeting.

Congratulations!!!  To Curtis and Bonni on the birth of their first grand-baby! A healthy baby boy born in the early hours of today - May 2nd.  

Family Movie Night - Friday May 5th @ 6:00pm

Come and join us, at the church, for  the movie "I Can Only Imagine" - $13 a ticket or $50 per family  -The cost of the ticket includes free popcorn, a chocolate bar and a drink.

Pizza and hotdogs will be on sale from 5:00pm.

Mothers Day Pie and Cake Auction – Friday May 12th @ 6pm.

$5.00 admission will include snacks before the auction.

Come and have fun whilst buying a special cake the Mother/Mothers in your life!

Please don't forget to exchange your cash for a card on Sunday for any store or gas station in Yellowknife!  Our missions team are raising funds for the November mission trip. We have 13 church members going.  They get a percentage of every card that is exchanged and there is therefore no charge to you. You just shop with a gift card!

Contact Ben or Richard at church on Sunday to order your gift cards or email at  Any one of the missions' team can help you get your gift cards too!

Grace and Peace!