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Pentecost Sunday Online Gathering 

This Sunday, May 23rd, we will be sharing with the National Vineyard family as we celebrate Pentecost together.  We will be partaking in communion with Vineyards across the nation!  For those of you joining online, you will want to prepare your elements for communion ahead of time.

To save your seat for our in-person service, simply click SIGN UP! on the home page of our website  As per the new CPHO guidelines, please bring your mask, and remember to social distance.

A reminder to all, our services are fully online, so if you are unable to join with us in person, please join us online.  We have been blessed with an incredible media team who make it happen each week, and it just keeps getting better and better.  Join us online on Sunday mornings by linking in at  From the home page, scroll down to where it says, "Ways to join us this Sunday."  You'll be given the choice to join Live Stream on Facebook or YouTube.  So easy!!  

And remember, our 5-minute countdown begins at 9:55 am, for start time of 10:00 am sharp!  

YouTube Live:

Facebook Live: 


KINGDOM KIDS is back this Sunday for all children 3-11 yrs old.  Please have them bring their own water bottle, labelled with their name on it.  As per the new CPHO Covid guidelines, masks are mandatory for children as well.

WEEKLY PRAYER…This week, THURSDAY, May 20th, will be at the church at 7pm. All church activities now require a mask, so bring your mask, we’ll social distance, and we’ll continue to pray!  

Continue to keep Melt and Anida in your prayers as they work on arrangements for their return to Canada very soon.

May 27 - 29, 2021 ......   Vineyard Prayer Summit. 

This year the Prayer Summit online will be hosted online via Zoom. More people from across Vineyard Canada will now have the ability to gather together and participate in this time of corporate prayer and worship.

At the heart of the Prayer Summit is desire to respond to the invitation of the Lord to enter into His presence, to be with Him, to cultivate a deep life with Him, and to respond together to the further invitations of His leading.

This year, each of our 4 sessions will be led by prayer and worship teams from different regions across the nation allowing us an increased experience of corporately seeking and responding to the Lord. We will also be harnessing the advantages of technology, using Zoom breakout rooms to facilitate interactive times of Spirit-led prayer with one another.

We invite you to join us as we set aside this sacred space to gather together to devote ourselves to prayer, worship, seeking the Lord and responding to His leading. Colossians 4:2 (NRSV) "Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving." The Prayer Summit is free this year as we are fully online. All Zoom links will be emailed the morning of the events, so please register using the link below.




This week, as we seek to encounter God in the here and now …… LOOK for GOD in CREATION.

God is all around us. As we intentionally look for God, we will begin to see Him in all of creation!  The beauty and vastness of the skies, a smile, a precocious child, a beautiful sunset or tumultuous sky. Ravens playing, growing plants, the coming of spring. An inspired piece of art, a beautiful dance, moving music, mouth-watering food, artistic food presentation. A complex work of engineering genius.

All can point us to Creator God!! He is without boundaries or limitations. And God speaks profoundly through His creation.  But again, we must open our eyes to notice, and pause in the moment to say “Thank-you God! You are so amazing! I worship You!”   As we practice noticing and praising God in the moment, we will see God more and more. Our eyes will open to notice God, and to experience His felt Presence.  And with every word of praise we offer, there is an encounter.  Do this with your children, and encounter God together in nature. 

This week, intentionally look for God in all of creation.   And if you fall into bed at the end of the day and realize that you forgot….. get up, and take a moment to gaze at the night sky, to stand over your sleeping child in awe, or to examine the miracle of your hand with its fine movements, many sensors, strength and flexibility.  Then WORSHIP the mighty Creator. You WILL encounter Him as You delight in His creation and offer your gratitude and praise.