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This Sunday is Palm Sunday and Jabin will be preaching. His sermon is titled: "Prayer: Let it change you".

Scripture Reading:  Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV) 

YKVC hosts the Lenten Lunch at Holy Trinity Church tomorrow - Wednesday 20th March @ 12 noon.  Melt will be sharing a message.

Don't Forget to diarise the Ladies Group this Saturday 23rd March @ 7:45pm

This is a casual women's group that meets in the evening every several weeks. The focus is on getting to know each other more, connecting with one another more intentionally and praying for one another. Anyone is welcome - whether you have been connected to the Vineyard for 30 years or just recently. We would love to have you come along.  

 Email Michaela at to get the address. 


Next week is Holy Week. We have a number of events in and around the city to guide us through the passion of Jesus. 

  • Tenebrae evening Service at YKVC on Thursday evening.  More detail to follow next week!
  • Good Friday Service at the Alliance Church 11.00am.  YKVC will be bringing worship with the Church of Christ. Melt will bring a short easter Message
  • Sonrise Service at 7.00am at the Pilot’s Memorial
  • Easter Sunday, 10.00am at YKVC as per usual.

Please note the correct link for Kin Culture to find out more about them. Please visit the site to find out who they are and why we support them! 

Grace and peace.