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On Sunday March 5th, Bright continues the Lenten Series sermon series - A Jesus-shaped life - The Obedience of Jesus.

Reading: Luke 6: 46-49

We continue to encourage our congregation to attend the Lenten Lunches at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church every Wednesday at 12 noon.  The theme for these lunches for Lent 2023 is The seven last words of Christ.  The schedule of upcoming speakers at the luncheons:               

8th March - Alliance Church - Fatima - John 19: 26-2

15th March - United Church - Linda - John 19:28

22nd March - Anglican Church - Joey - Mark 15:34

29th March - Calvary Community - Randy - Luke 23:46

5th April - Salvation Army - Alex - John 19:30 


Urgent help with housing is needed from today!  A couple, members of our church, are in urgent need of housing.  The list for public housing is long, and they've had trouble securing housing. They have applications in presently, but in the interim need to find something temporarily or will find themselves separated and in shelters. If there is anyone who may be able to assist, please contact Nicole (see below). Please pray for a long term housing solution for our brother and sister in Christ as well for their most immediate and urgent needs to be met.

Nicole Sok: or phone 867 444-0121

Grace and peace