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Melt will continue with the Sermon on the Mount series and his sermon this week is titled: Good Gifts from the Father

Scripture:  Matthew 7:7-12

The Pastoral Leadership Team are meeting on Wednesday 3rd August at the church, and will give financial feedback to the congregation on Sunday 7th August.


Meet on Thursday 4th August @ 7:00pm at the church.

There will be an Audio Visual  Training evening on this Friday 05 August at the church at 6.00pm.  Please notify Ben on or 867 688 4535 if you will be attending.


Congratulations to the Carrasco family on the birth of their new baby boy and to the De Putter family on the birth of their new baby girl! 

Please consider preparing and delivering a meal to each family.  The sign up links and details for each family are:

De Putter Family starting asap please -

Carrasco Family starting from next Wednesday 10th August -

Grace and peace!