Discipleship, Equipping and Training
Workshops & more

We believe that disciples make disciples. The disciples we want to make are disciples of Jesus rather than disciples of us. The Kingdom advances when followers of Jesus grow. A church that grows spiritually will grow numerically.


Vineyard 5 Step Prayer Model with others: We regularly run prayer training workshops

Leadership: We offer an eleven module Servant Leadership Course that has trained approximatlely forty people associated with Yellowknfe Vineyard to date. The modules are: 1. Introduction to Leading, 2. Understanding your leadership Style, 3. Power and its abuses, 4. Developing others, 5. Building and leading Teams, 6. Motivating others, 7. Leading for Turnaround Change, 8. Mission, Vision and Values, 9. Having hard conversations, 10. Accountability, 11. Understanding systems and structures

Preaching: The preaching team of (currently) five people is unergoing Homiletics training

Gifts of the Holy Spirit: We completed one gift network course in the summer of 2023, and will be offering this course again in the future

Hermeneutics: We have run one workshop borrowing Fee and Stuart's book title 'How to read the Bible for all its worth.'  The workshop covered the very basics of good biblical interpretation methods

Transition & succession: A team of twelve people has formed a guiding coalition to help the Pastoral Leaderhsip team explore the future of YKVC. The process redefines our core values and DNA and then explores and considers some of the adaptive changes we need to make to navigate 'unchartered territory'