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 Dear friends,

Thank you to the set-up and the worship teams who made yesterday’s Worship Service and BBQ at Fred Henne a reality.  It was wonderful to be able to sing and to gather and a godsend that the weather cooperated as well.  We were 76 people all in, but I might have missed one or two in prams, or under blankets.

It was great to have several visitors with us and we look forward to growing cooperation, ministry and shared worship events with other churches in the city.  Watch this space…

YKVC currently have a variance application in process that will allow us to have worship and sing on Sundays in church within hopefully just a few weeks.  I will keep all posted on that score. It will mean changing the order of the Worship Service as it currently is, but that is not a major train smash.  Usually we worship up front, followed by preaching and ministry.  In this case the worship in song will follow the word.

I did say I would keep everyone posted on the hunt for alternative premises and so am letting you know that the Northern Art Gallery a block up from Discovery was ultimately too small for our purposes. We continue to look and to trust that the right building at the right price and time will emerge.  There are a few alternative possibilities being investigated at the moment by the reconvened building and utilities team. Continue to pray for the right place.

Anida and I are unavailable from Wednesday morning till Friday afternoon this week, as we are taking a short time out.  

See you all on Sunday 15 August back in church.

Grace & peace