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 Dear Friends

Training and evangelism through Summer and Fall

I will be sending blogs in bite sized chunks as things arise.

A group of about twelve of us have one session of Servant Leadership to complete early in the Fall, in order to graduate with a Servant Leadership certificate (accredited by YKVC ). 

The course includes:

1.      Intro to the concept of Servant Leadership

2.      Understanding yourself

3.      Power

4.      Developing others

5.      Building Teams

6.      Motivating others

7.      Resolving Conflict

8.      Leading Change

9.      Mission, Vision and Values

10.   Integrity and Accountability

If you would like to attend this course, in the future, we will be running it again from February 2022.

In October and November of 2021, we are running a workshop called ‘Evidence for the Christian Faith’ based on a similar blueprint to the Alpha Course.

The evening begins with a meal together, which is followed by a short 20-minute presentation.  After the presentation we break into small groups for facilitated discussion. To run this workshop, we need twelve people minimum to make it work. The idea is more about bringing people who want to explore the Christian faith to join us than it is about having a group of Christians reinforcing one another’s beliefs!  To be able to attend you will need to bring at least one other person with you who wants to explore the Christian faith (let’s call them seekers) with whom you have relationship. You are then their safety net, and they can explore the faith in a small group setting along with other seekers.  A relationally based forum like this is often far less intimidating for newcomers than walking into the foreign territory of a Sunday Worship Service. A good goal would be to have ten YKVC people and ten seekers. Winter does not really allow us onto the streets, but we can bring people to us.

Please let me know if you would like to be a facilitator for this adventure and how many people you could bring along.  We will run one evening of training for all. The textbook, for the workshop will be ‘Evidence for the Christian Faith’ written by my friend and prayer partner Michael Arnold.  I have eight copies of the book to give away to facilitators and participants.  You get a copy of the book as soon as you confirm your attendance along with a friend you are bringing!  For the sake of the Kingdom, I am stooping to bribery . On a more serious note, ‘If you want to see the Holy Spirit at work’ this is the place to be.  Having done literally tens of Alpha courses, I can attest to seeing my own faith renewed and revived as Jesus by his Spirit rescues and saves people in forums like this. 

Join us!

Grace & peace