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 Dear friends,

Staying with last weeks’ theme. Here is a prophetic compilation of Psalms, apocalyptic and prophetic Scriptures woven into a poetic paraphrase. The poem continues to call us to trusting in and focussing on God in our uncertain times.  The compilation comes from an Anglican Priest in Northern Ireland.


Don’t be shocked by the suddenlies.

Don’t be dismayed by the disruption.

Don’t despair when you perceive disaster.

It might look like chaos and crisis all around – but know this – I am in complete control.

Trust me.

My ways will not be what you expect in this season.

I am clearing the board.

I am shaking the foundations.

I am dismantling demonic structures.

I am breaking strongholds.

I am tearing down idols.

I am demolishing altars of self-worship.


Don’t be in any doubt – I call the shots.

I raise up and I remove. I place and I replace.

I will fulfil my purposes, not human plans or preferences.

My people – exercise the dominion I have given you.

Pray with authority.

Stand firm on my Word.

Declare my promises.

Demonstrate my works.

Resist the devil and his devises.

Walk in holiness.

Darkness will advance for a time.

But it will NOT prevail.

I am a Roaring Lion.

I am a Raging Fire.

I am a Righteous Judge.

I am a Mighty Warrior.

I am the Holy One of Israel.

No one will stand in my way.


Have confidence my child.

I will not abandon My faithful ones.

With thanks to Rev. Craig Cooney from Hope Community Church in Craigavon, Northern Ireland in the Diocese of Down and Dromore, Church of Ireland.

Grace & peace