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Dear friends,

Today we introduce the Bairds. Ben and Theresa have been with YKVC just short of three years and head up various departments, initiatives and ministries in the church. They both serve on the PLT.

Together they lead the Missions department and Theresa is joint leader of the music and worship department along with Siyath Sok and Taida Speck who will be introduced in a different blog.

Theresa is musically gifted and trained. Her official training is a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. Along with that training she has twelve years of experience as being part of music teams and leading worship in church. Theresa’s vision for worship is to organize musicians and worshippers from all walks, backgrounds, levels, and ages - to come together in musical worship and to lead the church in worship. The end goal being to create a space where people can feel free and comfortable to worship and connect with God through worship. To glorify Him and to make Him known.

Worship goals for the future - which are a work in progress - include equipping musicians, through discipling but also through teaching, running courses and specific instrument training. Theresa believes that the church should be a place where we are always learning and always teaching.

Ben and Theresa both have some years of experience in cross-cultural ministry and missions, from their time on the Logos Hope, with Operation Mobilization. The day will likely come when they do more of that in the future, since it is a call on their lives.

Ben’s main passions in the church are media and missions. He really enjoys all things media. He has done an excellent job training and equipping others (Richard, Anita, Drew, Jess, Will, Taida and more) to use their technical gifts for the glory of the Kingdom. For Ben, seeing how we have grown and developed in technical ability, online presentation standard and also reach over the past year has been amazing and a true blessing.

As with AV and all things media, Ben loves seeing people getting involved in missions, and witnessing how God uses us when we are willing to be used. Not only that but seeing how we ourselves are transformed when we open to the calling that God has given us. This has been a real challenge for us over the past 2 years – the mission’s part - but Ben’s prayer is that we will train and equip more missionaries and more technical people to fully realize how their gifts and talents can be used to Glorify Gods name, in 2022!

More intros to follow. Grace & peace to all